bitop videos

In the last couple of weeks there has been a lot of nice projects triggered by some C experiments from viznut and friends.

The following videos are 0xA’s contribution to this bitop chiptune craze, a couple of audiovisual renditions of a few selected oneliners. Unfortunately Youtube was not very happy when I tried to use the shiftop codes as video titles, and it was refused even inside videos description, so here is the detailed playlist with authors:

  1. ((t>>1%128)+20)*3*t>>14*t>>18 (harism)
  2. t*(((t>>9)&10)|((t>>11)&24)^((t>>10)&15&(t>>15))) (tangent128)
  3. t*5&(t>>7)|t*3&(t*4>>10) (miiro)
  4. ((t*(t>>8|t>>9)&46&t>>8))^(t&t>>13|t>>6) (xpansive)
  5. (t*(t>>5|t>>8))>>(t>>16) (tejeez)
  6. ((t*(“36364689″[t>>13&7]&15))/12&128)+(((((t>>12)^(t>>12)-2)%11*t)/4|t>>13)&127) (ryg) added 10/10
  7. (t*t/256)&(t>>((t/1024)%16))^t%64*(0xC0D3DE4D69>>(t>>9&30)&t%32)*t>>18 (ultrageranium) added 12/10

Now what was used to make the videos? Processing? Flash? Pd/PDP? Pd/GEM? Max/MSP/Jitter? openFrameworks? vvvv? GLSL code? Yet another fancy hip “creative” framework? Nope. Just Chuck Tes…

No. Just good old mplayer. I swear. Mplayer, the most underrated audiovisual 8bit synth ;)

I’m now cleaning a bit the shell script that I used to preview and render the formulas above and I will post it here soonish.

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